Saturday, July 30, 2011

Public Health Gone Bad

Corey and I both have Masters degrees in Public Health from Texas A&M University Rural School of Public Health. We will just say that knowing what we know about health and living in Morocco keeps things...interesting.

Yesterday, for instance, we took Norah to the doctor to get immunized. While waiting in the office we saw this.

Sorry for the dark picture. If you will look at the top of the fish tank (that has no fish inside) you will see a coffee cup. During our visit, we saw two different moms walk up, put water in the cup, and give their child a drink.

Imagine that, a communal water cup available to the entire office full of sick (and healthy) children waiting to see their friendly physician. Either this doctor has figured out a great way to keep his business running or there is a bit of a disconnect happening here in this country.

(The communal cup exists everywhere in Morocco, especially in the medina, a large market square where literally thousands of Moroccans and tourists shop daily. For the great bargain of only 10 cents you can get your thirst quenched and maybe pick up a few free communicable diseases while you are at it!)

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